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Resources: About Me

Infant or toddler sleep challenges can be rather overwhelming, I know this because I have been there. Twice! Hence why all credit for starting Super Sleeper goes to my two gorgeous girls. They have put me on the path of helping families sleep better and improve the family's well-being. 


I am Pratisha Narula, a certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, the founder of Super Sleeper and, most importantly, a proud mum to my two daughters. I am British and living in Botswana but I help parents globally as all my consultations and educational resources are provided virtually. 

As a holistic maternity and child sleep consultant, I believe in offering gentle solutions to your little one's sleep without using any harsh "sleep training" methods such as leaving your baby to cry it out. Join all the other happy and restful parents with healthier, happier and confident sleepers that I have helped all over the world.

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