I am a trained and qualified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant but I do not offer any medical advice, services or treatment to any client. However, I can support the identification of sleep disorders and suggest when medical support may be necessary.

The services that Super Sleeper provides are not intended to replace or supplement the medical advice given by your medical professional.

You agree that none of the advice that Super Sleeper provides shall be considered as medical advice nor should the advice be relied upon you as medical advice. Therefore, you should consult with your medical professional to rule out any potential underlying medical conditions before embarking on a sleep programme. If a medical problem appears or persists, do not disregard or delay seeking medical advice from your medical professional. Accordingly, Super Sleeper expressly disclaims any liability, loss, damage, or injury caused by information provided from this website or by the consultant. 

Sleep Plan:​

You acknowledge that your unique sleep plan requires you to be fully consistent and commited and we would not be considered responsible for any negative outcomes if you do not follow the plan correctly or are only selecting components of the plan.

If we do not not hear from you for a period of time, or if you miss a scheduled call, we will assume that you no longer require our service and that everything is going well.

Important points to consider:

  1. Full Payment for all packages will be required prior commencing. Once the payment is received in full, we will send you an acknowledgment and availability for the service.

  2. Cancellation policy: Cancellations less than 48 hours notice prior to consultation schedule date will not be refunded. 
    Cancellations from 48 hours to 5 days notice will only be refunded 50% of the fee.
    Cancellations made with more than 6 days notice will be refunded 100%. 

  3. Confidentiality: All your details and information shared with us will be kept confidential. We kindly ask our clients to also do the same for us and to not disclose any of our sleep conversations or contents of the specific sleep plan created by us for you publicly or on any social media platform. All services provided by Super Sleeper will discontinue immediately upon the breach of this agreement.  

  4. Super Sleeper does not provide guarantees that we can resolve all sleep problems. If the event (very rarely) there doesn’t seem to be any changes, Super Sleeper will look into alternatives. Parent will have to be willing to try other solutions.

  5. Illness: Super Sleeper understands that sometimes consultations may need to be cancelled due to an illness. In this case please let us know as soon as possible and so we can postpone our consultation to a later date.

  6. Super Sleeper reserves a right to cancel a consultation at short notice due to personal circumstances or illness: should this event arise, Super Sleeper will provide you with an alternative booking.  

  7. If there may arise a need to involve another professional/s alongside the work we are doing, we reserve the right to pause or discontinue the support until the right need is met.

  8. Super Sleeper is contactable during the hours of 9am to 4pm during the support period from Mondays to Fridays. During these hours of operation, messages and emails will also be responded to as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours however there may be times when we may not be able to reply as quickly as this.