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One on one with Pratisha

Counselling. Coaching. Consultation.


How did Super Sleeper start up?

When I suffered months of sleepless nights with my second born and bravely approached a sleep consultant in South Africa, I realised parents in Gaborone, Botswana need gentle and a holistic sleep consultant that families can get advice from and one that is experienced and qualified. I am very passionate about helping families to reach their goals and for educating them on the importance of sleep.

How is Super Sleeper different to other Sleep Consultants?

I offer only gentle and holistic solutions, one that does not apply any harsh methods such as leaving your child to “cry it out”.

I am also a qualified counsellor and I have helped family members in their personal lives.

Majority of the families that I have worked with have been referred to me by word of mouth, they have achieved their goals and I have loved to work with them

When should a client contact you?

Ideally when they are ready. My programme requires commitment and consistency in order to achieve success. As my approach is gentle, it may seem like its taking longer to notice any changes compared to what we read online on how to get your little one sleeping in 3-5 days but I personally would rather choose connection over cry it out.

How do you connect with other parents?

I can deeply relate to the parents who are experiencing anxiety during pregnancy, postpartum depression, sleep challenges, toddler tantrums and much more because I have been there. Twice. Being a parent myself brings a certain kind of understanding and this allows families to open up to me which I feel so honoured to be working with them.

In what circumstance would you not be able to help a family immediately?

My client and I get to learn about each other during the free initial 15 minute consultation prior to booking a sleep package. In this session we talk about how I work and how I can help. I also use this time to understand the client and their needs. Should there be something that is beyond my reach such as depression, underlying health issues, etc, I would recommend my client to seek professional help and once the client is ready, I would then work either hand in hand with the professional and client or with the client individually depending on the situation. In any case, I would share some tips and tricks with my client to help them whilst they seek professional help.

Would you have to meet a client in person?

No, most of my consultations are done online, it has proven to be more convenient and manageable for my clients as their family members can even be present. This makes it easier for me to help families all over the different parts of the world.

What is the best part about working as a Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant?

I love hearing my clients tell me about their success/es, whether they are small or big, I always tell my clients to celebrate every small win with me because the truth is that parenting is hard and we are always competing with other parents which makes it even harder. To be able to walk through this journey with my client, celebrating their wins and getting to tell them that they are amazing, its definitely a privilege.

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