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I am Pratisha Narula, certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, the founder of Super Sleeper and, most importantly, a proud mum to my two daughters. I am British and living in Botswana but I can help you wherever you are as all my consultations are done virtually. 

Infant or toddler sleep challenges can be rather overwhelming, I know this because I have been there. Twice! Hence why all credit for starting Super Sleeper goes to my two gorgeous girls. They have put me in the path of helping families sleep better and improve the families well-being. 

With my first born, I read so many newsletters that I was subscribed to online and magazines in the hope to be prepared for infant sleep but oh how I was wrong! With all the contrasting information I was bombarded with from my family and friends made it more confusing. In the end my first born co-slept with us till she was 3 years old which if fine for some families but it wasn’t practical for me.

With my second born, she was a great sleeper until she was 16 weeks old, everything changed – she woke up every hour or sometimes even less throughout the nights as a result she had poor naps, lots daytime fussiness and I felt as though I had sabotaged my baby's sleep for always boasting how much of a super sleeper she was.

I hit rock bottom one day, it had been 9 months of sleeping a maximum of 4 hours every night (all scattered through out the night) and I no longer felt I was a good mum to neither of my girls or a good wife. I had no energy left, I felt trapped a lot of times, I knew I needed professional help, someone who could tell me where I was going wrong and what to do to make my child sleep better.  I finally decided to agree with my husbands idea of getting the right help that we needed as a family – a sleep consultant. I always felt skeptical on hiring a sleep consultant as I presumed I am going to be told to leave my child crying alone without offering her support and that idea never settled well in my heart but I was told it doesn’t have to be like that and I could use a gentler approach.

The first few nights of restful sleep transformed all our lives, I say all because it wasn’t just I that was affected from the sleepless nights, but my marriage too. I can’t comprehend just how wonderful it felt to reconnect with my marriage and girls again.

I started taking my second born for sensory classes and it was then when I realised how many families need support and encouragement with sleep and I decided to become a certified sleep consultant. But I am not just any other sleep consultant, my approach is gentle and holistic and all the support that I provide is tailored specifically for the individual family and to their needs. I will never tell you to do something that you are not comfortable with.

I couldn’t understand what was happening, the anxiety that I faced and guilt that I carried is something I do not wish upon any family so I am here to help you not make the same mistakes I made.

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